Day 1 – The Year of Yes

This concept has always intrigued me, the year of saying yes.  I wrote about it a couple of years ago after I heard about a book called The Year of Yes (by Maria Dahvana Headley).  I bought it, read it and didn’t like it.  It was about a woman who spent a year saying yes to every man who asked her out on a date.  At the time I was hoping to follow the author’s lead but she was barely into her twenties and single at the time (whereas I was divorced, in my 30’s and had small children to attend to) and whilst yes she did meet the love of her life, he was married to someone else and he left his marriage for the author (so I recall*).  As a woman who had been cheated on and left for another, this left me a little cold.

I’ve often thought about this book thought, or the title anyway.  I don’t date much now, the reasons for this are too numerous and tedious to go over yet again, so my leap into a year of saying yes is not particularly about dating but about saying yes to opportunities in general.

Today is Day 1 (being the first of January and all) and I am saying yes to writing, to blogging and to finishing my unfinished book.  But firstly, to starting this blog just one day after I closed the other one.  You’ll bear with me and forgive my flitting about the place I hope.

I started saying yes last year, by saying yes to taking care of my health, finally.  It is completely ridiculous of course that I waited this long to make a proper commitment to taking care of myself but there you are.  The fact is, I did say yes and I am doing it.

There are so many things to which I want to respond in the affirmative this year.  I could write a long list write now but I don’t want to pre-empt myself but setting goals which might preclude me from saying yes to other opportunities as they arise.  Also, I’m a wimp, so there’s that to take into account as well.

Everywhere on social media, and in my conversations with others, I hear such optimism about 2014, these three hundred and sixty five days to come (hence the name of the blog, you see?)  So what will you say yes to?  What things have you always eschewed that you will now embrace? Please, do tell…

*An amendment:  I was contacted by Maria Dahvana Headley last night who assured me that her husband was legally separated from his ex-wife when Maria and he started their relationship.  I apologise for suggesting otherwise, I didn’t recall correctly what I had read.  Thanks Maria for letting me know.


5 thoughts on “Day 1 – The Year of Yes

  1. I am saying yes to embracing the enormous year that 2014 will be. I have a really challenging job that will take me through until November, my brother is getting married overseas, my festival is back for 2014 and I’m turning 30. I am the sort of person whose first reaction to this is anxiety, but I’m determined to go into the year of challenges and busy-ness saying ‘woooooooohoooooooooo!’ and adding to the fun and growth that it will bring.

    Oh, and maybe some love. That would be good too!


  2. I love this concept. I will be saying yes to “balance’ this year. Balancing my needs with those of my husband, the kids, work, health and leisure. It’s a challenge getting the balance right. I am also intending to have more singing lessons and become proficient on guitar.


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