Day 12 – Saying Yes to Renovating

I bought my house 2 years ago and I keep forgetting it’s mine.  As such, I haven’t done much to it and boy does it need a makeover.  But I’ve finally remembered and I’ve finally got a tiny bit of money left over after the massive mortgage is paid and now it’s time to renovate!  Well, renovate may be too strong a word.  Let’s say redecorate.

My house is a really standard ex-rental property with the most revolting carpet you’ve ever seen.  The walls are painted the standard magnolia and the light fittings are your bog standard white and dull.  If I had a ton of cash to spare I would tart this place up like there was no tomorrow but alas, I am required to feed and clothe all members of the household and therefore the redecorating is being done at a snails pace.  But who cares, it’s mine and that’s the most important thing!

So having had three lovely weeks off work I realized I had to get off my backside and actually do some stuff around the house.  I want to paint throughout before I get new floors and so, being an Aries and a firstborn which means I  have a never ending desire for instant gratification, the first thing I did was put in a blackboard wall.  Maximum effect for minimal effort (well not really minimal effort but short term effort shall we say).

The wall started off as plain and unpleasant can be – except for my little inspirational wall hanging:

 Image 3

Progress began…chintz quarter on the walls and the blackboard paint applied.  Note the large pale smear on the lower part of the wall where I foolishly dripped black acrylic paint onto the freshly painted wall and I had to use both damp cloth AND sandpaper to remove it.  Rookie mistake.  Note – if you look closely you can glimpse both heinous carpet and vile lino.

Image 2Image 1

And then, after two days, it was done!  I used an old picture frame which I held up against the wall and traced around the inside of the frame with pencil.  Then I painted in the penciled area with black, blackboard paint (it may seem ridiculous for me to call the blackboard paint black since black is implied in the name, but apparently you can get green and other colours which have the same blackboard effect).  After the black paint dried I adhered the frame to the wall with liquid nails.


Voila!  A wall onto which we can scribe any message we want and it is surrounded by a pretty frame.  The first message is love because as corny as it may sound, that is what I want my house to be filled with.. love.

Image 5


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