Day 41


I was listening to a podcast the other day and I heard this question asked.  What would you do if you weren’t afraid?  What wouldn’t I do?

In my twenties I wasn’t afraid.  I travelled the world on my own, fell wildly in love, applied for jobs which were way out of my league, sang at open mike nights whenever I could and generally lived life.  But I got older and things happened which I never thought would and this made me a little fearful.  So I stopped doing things and I protected myself and my children and along the way, that little bit of fear stayed.  So when I heard this question I thought I would make a list.  What would I do?

I would write on this blog every day instead of worrying about what people might say.  Or might not say!

I would finish writing my book.  And then show it to someone.

I would ride a bike.

I would fly both south and north to visit dear friends, despite my deep seated fear of flying.

I would accept invitations and go out and socialise more instead allowing my fear of feeling left out stop me from meeting up with friends.

I would travel on public transport more often.

I would drive to the beach on a regular basis.

I would write and submit an abstract to a conference that I badly want to speak at.  I have no fear at all of speaking in a public space but I fear my abstract will be rejected.

I would accept rejection as being a fact of life and then move onto the next challenge instead of being crippled by the fear of it.

I would sing in a band.

I would start a band.

I would organise book club once and for all instead of fearing how tired I will be if I stay up too late (this is complete madness I know)

I would throw dinner parties on a regular basis and stop worrying that I am a single woman with mainly couple friends and how this might play havoc with seating arrangements.

I would stop fearing how quickly life is passing by and just embrace every day as it comes.

There are so many more. I will no doubt think of another ten things the minute I post this.  And I want to choose at least one of these things to say yes to, although I’m not sure which one yet.  But enough about me.  I would love to hear from you.

What would you do, if you weren’t afraid?


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