Day 42 – Yes to High School Musical

When I was in Year 10 my small country high school staged a performance of “Dracula Spectacular”, which was one of the greatest experiences of my young life.  I was convinced I should have the lead and was devastated when it went to a Year 11 girl who I felt was completely the wrong choice.  Myself and the only two other girls in school who could really sing were cast as the “pretty singers”.  I was fairly miffed about this until I realized we would be on stage for the entire performance (supporting the rest of the cast who were somewhat vocally challenged) and that there would be at least one solo.  We were also given full control over our wardrobe choice which sweetened the quite a bit.

It was such a great activity to be involved in.  The make up, the singing, the getting out of school, the boys.. oh the boys!

So imagine my thrill at my daughter now getting to experience all of this!  Later this year they will present Hairspray, and my kid is auditioning for the lead.  Now, she is up against some pretty stiff competition.  She’s only in Year 9 and there is a strong performing arts culture at her school so there are plenty of kids who’ve had years of voice coaching and dance lessons who will also be vying for the lead.  Therefore I have decided to embrace my inner stage mother and throw myself into helping her prepare.

We’ve downloaded the backing track and lyrics to her audition song. We’ve watched the film clip to the song (choosing the Nikki Blonksy version which I think is wholesomely fabulous) and I’m already working out how to get her hair into that magnificent bouffant for audition day.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve never pushed my children onto the stage.  They’ve done baby ballet and tap and drama performances where every kid gets a turn and when they were sick of it, I let them quit.  But this time I really want my kid in this school play.  I know she’ll love it and whilst she too will be devastated if she doesn’t get the lead, at least I know she will get a part and have this super fun time to look back on.  I don’t mind if she gets in the chorus, as long as she doesn’t miss out.

Plus, I cannot tell a lie, I’m loving the heck out of singing all those fantastic songs with her.

Am I living just a tiny bit vicariously? Yes I am.  Will my daughter be better off for it? Yes, I absolutely believe she will.


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