Day 45 – Love Love Love

Happy Valentines Day!  A day to embrace love, no matter what your relationship status.  I especially subscribe to the Lesley Knope* way of celebrating, by gathering all of her female friends together and having a Galentines Day lunch.  How fantastic is that?  I didn’t have one of these per se this year but I listened to and embraced the excitement of my girls who love to wish me a happy love day.  I smiled with high amusement when my teen told my tween “please make sure you clean your teeth, it’s Valentines Day”.  I spent time with the talented, amusing, gorgeous, warm and engaging women I work with.  I was grateful that there were no huge bouquets of roses delivered to work (at least not conspicuously) so that no matter how I feel every other day, I didn’t feel sad that I didn’t get roses.  And I came home to see the gorgeous plate of love heart cookies my daughter made from scratch waiting for me as an after work treat.  As far as days of love go, I think this has been pretty good.  I hope yours has been filled with love too.


*Lesley Knope is the Amy Poehler character in Parks & Recreation.  If you haven’t seen it, I insist you drop everything, run down to the video shop and rent all four seasons right now.


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