Day 47 – Saying Yes to Exercise

This morning, my lovely friend MP and I decided to do a 6km walk.  We agreed to meet early in the morning.  When I arrived, the view out of my car window was this.


A mere bit of drizzle, we decided and we set off.  It didn’t stay drizzly for long.  Soon after we set out, it started to rain properly.  At some points in our walk, it actually poured down.  We had an umbrella each, completely ineffectual but as I said to MP, holding it above my head gave me a feeling of being psychologically protected from the rain.

We were not the only ones out there.  Plenty of serious joggers were pounding the pavement, shooting up little splashes of water behind their Nikes (or similar) as they went.  We rounded a corner and came across a bunch of serious exercisers, getting down and dirty on the wet grass during a bootcamp class.  Then we happened across a pair of fella’s engaged in thai chi.  It was surprisingly busy on the river on this soggy Sunday morning.

I did become mildly put out as we crossed a thin bridge together, which put us mere centimetres from swiftly travelling traffic, and one evil minded passer by drove directly into the pooled water in the gutter which sent up enough of a spray to ensure a proper soaking.  Thanks buddy!  But then we made it back to our parked cars, tired, drenched and very pleased with ourselves for making the effort.

I’ve been trying to regain control of my health for a few months now.  I am careful about what I eat and I’ve embraced exercise as part of my daily life.  Not so long ago I would have looked out the window, assessed the downpour as prohibitive and crawled back into bed.  But not now!  I now know that if I don’t properly exercise each day I start to feel antsy and cranky and it doesn’t end well for those around me.  I both love and loathe feeling this way.  Mostly I love it because I feel so much better.  But sometimes I loathe it because I find it hard to give myself a break. Apart from the aforementioned antsy, I berate myself for not getting off my backside.  But then I get off my backside.  And I go out for a 6km walk in the rain.  Because that’s how I roll now.  Hardcore.


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