Day 48 – Keep on Blogging



They say that if you want to be a writer, you have to just keep on writing.  All the time.  So in my year of affirmatives I am saying yes to writing as much as I can.  One of the ways to do this of course is to blog all the time, even late at night when you are convinced that no matter what you write, no one will read it.

There are so many fantastic blogs out there.  I took a wander through the blogosphere tonight and came across page after page of wittily delivered prose, gorgeous visuals, incredible photos, beautifully composed pages of readable, wonderful musings on all manner of subjects and I cannot tell a lie, it made me think what the hell am I doing?  These people (women mostly) are creating amazing spaces where people come to visit for a while, enjoy the view, share thoughts of their own.  Whereas I am not sure I am bringing anything new to the table.  Or anything at all really.

Thoughts such as these lead me to leave my blog for days on end.  To avoid delving into the novel I’ve been tinkering with and to stop adding to the children’s book I’ve been writing for my daughter who begs me every day for more story!

But then I think, in the year of yes, why would I say no to doing something that I love?  I often ponder my would be writing space, a little white desk with my perfect Macbook on it and the pages I will write and write and submit to a willing publisher who will pay me scads of money.  There may even be a place on the New York Times bestseller list in my fantasy and that big meanie John over at that Australian bookseller who made hurtful comments about my writing will eat his words and beg me to allow him to sell my book.  Oh, forgive me.. I went off in a different direction than I intended there, but you get my drift. I have these little daydreams about being a really truly writer and if I let the fact that there are a billion other blogs out there, which are so much better than mine, stop me from doing something which I enjoy, well.. this might as well be the year of no.

So here I am, blogging away, honing my craft (ha ha ha) and keeping myself amused if no one else.  Thanks for reading.  I’ll see you tomorrow!


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