Day 50 – Saying Yes to Self Care

Some people might consider self-care an act of selfishness, instead of what it really is, an act of kindness which you bestow upon yourself.

When I became a mother I thought that in order to be the best possible mother I could be, I should sacrifice any and all self care and pour every ounce of my being into loving my children.  So I stopped getting my hair done, wearing makeup or doing anything much for myself. I certainly didn’t take trips to the beauty therapist and I even gave up cappuccinos for a while (the horror).  After a time I realised this was not working.  Whilst my children were (and still are) enveloped in love, it isn’t feasible to think you can continually give of yourself, without giving to yourself.  So as time has gone on, I’ve sought to replenish by making sure I take care of myself.  This way, I will have more to give others.

One of the ways I do this is by getting a massage about once a month. I consider this a particularly luxurious indulgence and I always leave feeling fantastic. Tonight was no exception.  Blissful Beauty*, located in Glenbrook at the base of the Blue Mountains has wonderful massage services and I highly recommend them.  Their massage room is very calming, dimly lit and smells amazing.  The massage bed itself is heavily padded and very comfortable.  They cover you in a soft blanket and towel and the music is not cheesy and annoying but instead incredibly soothing and relaxing.

I had requested a half hour massage and as I relaxed into it I thought there must have been a misunderstanding and I was getting a full hour.  I thought of speaking up but my mouth was too relaxed to say anything.  When it ended I glanced up at the time and realised it had only been half an hour but it feel like so much longer.  The sign of a very good massage.  That and the depth of the towel marks in my forehead as I sank deeply into that hole in the table you put your face in.

A woman I work with told me that she multi-tasks her mani-pedi’s.  She has two young children and is incredibly busy all of the time so she doesn’t have the full works, instead gets her nails and toenails painted at the same time and then leaves.  This sounds awful to me.  Where is the relaxation and down time?  This culture of busy-ness drives us to spend every minute of the day in productive pursuits and for working parents (all parents really), the guilt of wanting to do something for yourself during your precious non-work time instead of cramming every minute into spending time with your kids, can put you off looking after yourself.

Never put off taking care of yourself.  The happier and more relaxed you are, the more you have to give to others.  Even the most kind hearted and altruistic of us all can become rundown from forever giving.  So take time.  Do what fills you up.  Have a massage, read a book, drink coffee.  You’ll be better off for it.  I know I always am.

self-care 1

*not sponsored, just sharing!


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