Day 60 – Dating (Part 1 – morning)



True to my commitment of saying yes this year, I am off out on another date this morning.  Just a coffee date, nothing too serious.  I’ve managed to combine it with a trip to do some antiquing (looking at, not buying alas) so that if things don’t go well there will be something salvageable from my morning.

Please don’t misunderstand the above as being too cynical.  I’ve been at this dating thing for a very long time and it’s not something I do terribly well.  Regular readers will know from Day 43, that I recently had a disappointing dating experience.  Despite that, I’m getting back on the horse, putting myself out there, being open to possibilities and so on and so forth.  But my experience of first dates usually goes as follows:

  1. We meet, he looks like his photo (or better – rare but has happened) and have a great first date.  My faith is restored.  I never hear from him again.
  2. We meet, he looks nothing like his photo, he’s several inches shorter than claimed (it’s the lying that annoys me not the height) and things go down hill from there.
  3. We meet, we have good conversation, I am thinking about how this guy seems quite nice until it comes time to pay the bill and he literally stands over me with his hand out whilst I count out $3.50 for my small skim milk cappuccino (this has happened, I shit you not).
  4. We meet, he talks non-stop about what a bitch his ex is (or that she’s mentally ill, a liar or that she’s amazing and it’s clear he’s still in love with her).  I sigh and leave.
  5. We meet, he’s fairly drunk, I leave (this has also happened although admittedly, not on a coffee date).
  6. We meet, we have a wonderful time, he asks me out again, he calls when he says he will, we meet up again, and again after that and things start looking up (this has never happened, and yes I am well aware I am the common denominator in all of these scenarios).

This is not me being negative or closed off or putting bad vibes out there.  It’s just me knowing how things have gone in the past.  But the thing is, I am an optimist.  I do have a lot to give and given that autumn is now upon us, I am thinking of cold winter nights and someone to keep me warm.  So off I go again.

If nothing else, I will come home with some new handles for the 1940’s writing cabinet I’ve just finished painting and I will have had a good cup of coffee which isn’t a bad start for a Saturday.




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