Day 60 – Dating (Part 2 – afternoon)

day 60 head bash

I’m back from my date.  Here’s what happened.

We arrived basically at the same time, with me sitting just before him.  He walks in and smiles and sits down opposite me.  He is way better looking that his photo.  Greying hair, green eyes, very attractive smile.  He appears to have been truthful about his height.  I am feeling quite pleased at this point.  He is very much slimmer than the men I am usually attracted to but he takes off his jacket to reveal a very well muscled arm and I find myself quite moved by the sight (*fans self*).

We have coffee and start talking.  The conversation is a teeny tiny bit stilted at first but soon gets going and we get into the flow of things.  I  feel slightly gigantic and wonder if he is looking at me and thinking how unattractively bovine I am.  Then I remember I’ve lost a significant amount of weight and I mentally slap myself for being ridiculous.  After that I settle in and we chat and chat and chat.  We finish our coffee and he pays.

We then go for a wander through the antiques shop which is attached to the cafe where we meet and we get to know each other a bit more. I find myself increasingly attracted to him and we talk about absolutely everything.  We get an idea for each other’s style and I almost buy a pair of fantastic vintage gloves but then I don’t.

After going through the entire store, we go back to the cafe and agree to have lunch together.  During lunch we talk and talk about everything.  Throughout our meal various people he knows wander past and greet him and I feel like when he sees these people next they will be full of questions about who he was having lunch with and I want to be there to hear his answers.

We met up at 11am and before I knew it was 3pm and he had to go and pick up his kids and I had to go and get my usual Saturday stuff done.  He said “since you drove here to meet me today, how about….” (a second date??) “ about I pay for lunch” he says.  I’m so disappointed!!  I thought he was going to say “how about I drive to meet you next time” or something similar. I agree to let him pay for lunch, why wouldn’t I and we get ready to go.

Now this is always the awkward part.  I’ve learned over the years to just say I had a nice time and leave.  Otherwise it looks as though I’m waiting for him to ask me out and that can be really super awkward.  Or I have a couple of times blurted out “so shall we go out again”, fully expecting the answer to be yes, only to be met with a stuttering “I’ll give you a call” response.

So we walked to our cars in the driving rain and I said, well enjoy the rest of your weekend.  He said you too, what are you up to and I couldn’t think of a thing so like a gigantic idiot I said “housework”.  The glamour!  As I turned to walk away he mumbled something along the lines of “I’ll be in touch” which in my experience, is the same as saying “We’re never going to be naked together”.  Sigh.

So dear reader, we have a scenario one on our hands (as outlined in part one of Day 60).  He didn’t ask me out again so I know not to expect to hear from him but I can’t believe I have now been out on two dates with two blokes (completely different) who I actually really liked but they haven’t felt the same way.  Arrrrrgggghhhhhhh!  What’s wrong with me?

On the way home I was completely immersed in my single girl montage. I was eating one of those lolly sherbet cones (you know the ones, little ice-cream cone with sherbet in the bottom and marshmallow on the top – perfect post date comfort food) and singing along to Dusty Springfield’s “Take Another Little Piece of My Heart” at full volume.

Feel free to commiserate with me – I’ll feel better if you leave me a comforting comment dear reader, I really will.  It’s a miserable sort of day and although there’s no question I’ll bounce back, I’m kind of blue about the fact that I will never get to see what sort of a kisser he is.


3 thoughts on “Day 60 – Dating (Part 2 – afternoon)

    • Ha.. this comment was a year ago Lana and I just came across it again. Funnily enough I did go out with this chap again, and I just found him to be so self involved and full of himself on the next date. We didn’t go out again!


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