Day 63 – Saying Yes to Strangers


car park

A while ago I heard about an app which could find your car in a large car park.  I wish I’d had that app today.  Because I lost my car.  It was equal parts annoying and upsetting.

After a long day training in the city, I left the venue a bit early so that I could begin my 2 hour drive home before the traffic got really heavy.  Heading up to the second floor of the city car park I was confident that I was headed straight to my car.  I was wrong.  I was convinced my car had been stolen.  Of course it hadn’t, I’d simply forgotten where I parked it.  So began the trek up and down the car park levels, panic growing, trying not to burst into tears of frustration.

Oh, and I was wearing high heels.  I mean, they were pretty great shoes but not really your footwear of choice for walking up and down a multi-level parking complex looking for your car.

Anyway, just as I was starting to really get worried – the longer I spent trying to find my car, the later I would be leaving the city, the later I would be getting home to pick up my kid.  And then, a car pulled up beside me and a very kind (and rather handsome) stranger asked sympathetically “can’t you find your car?”  No, said I, trying to save face and sending up thanks to the universe that I hadn’t yet begun blubbering like a baby.  “Would you like me to drive you around to have a look for it?”  And that’s when I said yes to a stranger.

In any other circumstance there’s no way I’d get into the car of a strange man who pulled up beside me but I figured there were people everywhere picking up their cars, and that I would be able to jump out if I suspected that he was in fact a good looking serial killer picking up hapless women wandering about looking for their cars.  Turns out he wasn’t a serial killer (at least I saw no evidence of same), just a nice bloke who had once lost his car in an airport carpark for two hours, and wanted to help out.

My car was just one level up.  I thanked him profusely, noted (with only the merest trace of regret) that he was wearing a wedding ring, and went on my merry way.  The whole episode was over and done with in about 10 minutes and I was home in time after all, thanks to someone who was kind enough to help me out.  So thanks for your kindness handsome stranger.  It was very much appreciated.


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