Day 64 – Second Date

second date 1


Surely, the only thing more awkward than the end of a first date, is the end of a second date where there should probably be some sort of lip action but you’re in a brightly lit restaurant where the kitchen staff are all tapping their feet waiting for you to leave because you are the last people in the place even though it’s only 10 past eight.

So, I ran late for my second date which was so frustrating because I ran late for the first date too and I hate it when that happens.  It makes me seem arrogant and uncaring of others’ time.  Which I’m not.  But there was a slight wardrobe issue when the very pretty deep fuchsia t-shirt I had chosen to wear looked awful when I sat down (there was a mini-muffin top situation which was definitely not conducive to a positive second date).  So I found something more casual but also more flattering and I raced off arriving 10 minutes late, which I don’t think was too bad.  He smiled and I thought how he really was as nice looking as I remembered him to be.  A good start.

The conversation flowed. He had brought along a bottle of white wine. A winner for me because I don’t drink red (no judgement) and I always feel unsophisticated when my date expresses surprise at my dislike for red wine.

We ordered, the conversation flowed really well, we laughed, the wine was really nice but I felt fat.  Which is a bit of a mood kill I’m afraid.

After dinner we went out to our cars and I met his dog (not a euphemism) and we walked around a bit whilst the dog did doggy stuff and I was so self-conscious about the potential for a kissing opportunity and I haven’t had a first kiss in a very long time and I felt really big and clunky next to him and he seemed a bit unsure as well and then I just said okay I have to go, I have an early start, stay in touch, don’t be a stranger, see you later.  I am so bad at dating.

So that was that. I’m not sure what will happen next. I’m not sure if he wants to see me again or if I want to see him again or what.  I will say that he’s nice looking and funny and intelligent and probably not really the type I normally go out with but that’s often part of the attraction too isn’t it?

Anyway, I guess if nothing else it was a learning experience.  Perhaps I will do better next time (and perhaps I will also realise that my fly is open before I get up from the table and not when I’m already at home).  Fingers crossed!


2 thoughts on “Day 64 – Second Date

  1. This sounds so promising! I suspect he’s probably as freaked out about the kiss as you are. Any news from him so far?

    And please stop feeling fat. I think you look fab !

    Ps: I am taking a lent inspired twitter break so pls keep blogging!


    • Hi! Glad to see you here although I’ll miss you on Twitter. I’m not sure whether I will see him again. I’m not sure how I’m feeling right now. I will definitely keep blogging though.. watch this space 🙂


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