Day 68 – I Knit Therefore I Am

ryan knit

Oh it’s been a funny couple of weeks.  Work, life, dashed hopes* and so on.  Not so long ago, I’d have eaten many, many cakes.  Also, fish and chips with a Ben and Jerry’s chaser and I would have clocked some serious couch time.  Because that was my idea of self care, even though I knew it was bad for me and it made me feel like crap, I was just too tired to do anything else.  I am still ridiculously tired most of the time but several months ago I decided enough was enough and I stopped going for the instant gratification which felt so good in the moment and so bad afterwards.  I replaced this with eating properly and exercising regularly which has made the world of difference.

Only trouble is, I am still more often than not time poor and when things get really stretched, I don’t get to exercise and then I get very cranky indeed.  So there’s really nothing else for it, I have to knit!

I know that knitting might make me seem like I’m a thousand years old, but the fact is, I love it!  It’s therapeutic, it stops me from picking through the cupboard for something to shove in my mouth and I get something pretty at the end.  I started knitting as a child and it’s something I’ve done on and off my whole life.  I was thrilled when I met my gorgeous friend LB and found her to be a knitter as well.  She makes gorgeous things and has, over the years, bestowed upon me such fabulousness as a pair of hand knitted socks, which I love and wear all winter.

It usually takes me all of autumn and winter to finish one item (I can only knit in the cooler months, it’s a quirk of mine) but it’s worth it to see someone I love wearing something I hand made for them.

Today I started on a little bolero jacket for myself.  I started this project last winter only to lose my way in the pattern.  It happens sometimes. I am not overly skilled or talented but I have a significant amount of enthusiasm!

To me, knitting is soothing, it takes the edge off, it calms me down, it unclenches my jaw.  Plus, it’s one of the ways I show love. If you know me long enough, you will almost certainly get at least one scarf for your birthday one year and if we’re friends for life, you might even get a jumper (although I can’t guarantee that each arm will measure the same length).

I highly recommend you give it a go.  There are tons of great websites out there with great patterns and lots of us younger (ha ha) folks do it, it’s not just a nanna pass time anymore.  And if you do decide to knock something up, do please swing by and share a picture.

*I’m being dramatic of course, my hopes are still very much intact.


2 thoughts on “Day 68 – I Knit Therefore I Am

  1. I tried to sew a library bag once. It was so incredibly shit. I will never be a sewer. I recall swearing at the needle a bit too much. And it fell apart after one use. But go you for having something you make you feel chilled.

    My therapy? The Walking Dead episodes. We’re all pretty different, hey?



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