Day 75 – Yes to 10 Good Things

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I came across the above advice when I was reading through one of those lists that you see in magazines in the first part of the year.  Sometimes I find them helpful and sometimes I just snort and turn the page. But this one did resonate with me.

When I got divorced, I listed all of the things about myself that weren’t good enough.  There was quite a list and it was easily accessible since the end of a marriage (if you’ve been through it, which I hope you haven’t) isn’t usually about how great you both are.  I wondered for a while afterwards how I could make the changes needed to make me desirable again.  This was madness of course but it’s part of the human condition that we (well most of us anyway) blame ourselves entirely when a relationship breaks down.  It’s only over drinks and many post mortems with friends that we begin to note the things wrong with the person who left us.  Even then, I think there is a small dark place in all of us where we wonder whether the bad staff is really true.

But this is nonsense and I will no longer be subscribing to such self-destructive musings.  As you know dear reader, I’ve recently been dating again and things haven’t gone as well as I would have liked.  Of course, it’s been a couple of dates here and there, no relationships ending but it’s been somewhat disheartening nonetheless and I’ve found myself slipping back into the “what’s wrong with me” way of thinking.  Bad move.  So from now on, I’m going to go the other way and remember all of the things I like about myself.  I will say here and now that I am not sure whether I could get to a list of 20.  So being the optimistic pessimist that I am, I will make a list of 10.  Here goes:

  1. I have a big heart, full of love.
  2. I have pretty good hair.
  3. I have a nice singing voice.
  4. I am thoughtful.
  5. I give good presents.
  6. I make excellent pancakes.
  7. I am a dedicated and loving mother.
  8. I love my friends dearly.
  9. I can sew, knit and crochet.
  10. I have attractive lips.

I actually found that kind of difficult!  Also, I’m now slightly worried that someone will read that list and disagree with me but I am leaving it there anyway.  I invite you to join me dear reader.  Share with me a list of 10 things you like about yourself (or 20 if you wish).  It will make you feel good about yourself and remind you of all the wonderful things you have to offer (just as it’s reminded me).


5 thoughts on “Day 75 – Yes to 10 Good Things

      • In no particular order:

        1. I can make people laugh
        2. I like my legs
        3. I can run 5 kms without stopping
        4. I’m caring and empathetic
        5. I am the best mum I can be
        6. I am the best partner I can be
        7. I am easy pleased. It takes very little to make me happy in fact
        8. I am nurturing. I enjoy it.
        9. I don’t take things at face value
        10. I treat my body with the respect it deserves.

        Woah Alice, that was intense! It’s harder than tweeting even. Thank you for pushing me to have a crack 😉


  1. My 1O things : I am a teacher and therefore have a useful job, I learnt quite a few languages and that gives me a nice opening on the world, I can find solace in very mundane, ordinary things, I am tall, I have green eyes, I am very sensitive to the troubles of others, I can get on well with almost anybody, I keep informed and can talk about most subjects, I am enthusiastic and I am a great walker. Gosh, that feels good though the thought of finding good things to say about myself is totally foreign to me and it was a difficult task !Thanks so much for stopping by my blog; love from France !


    • Bonjour Silver Bunny and welcome! Thanks for sharing, I love your list. I think so many of us are conditioned to think instantly of our faults, so that is why this can be a bit of a challenge. Glad you rose to it though 🙂


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