Day 96 – Thermy-Love

I was a bit reluctant to write this post. In the research I have done it is clear that the Thermomix divides the masses. There are the adoring members of the cult (recently me) and then there are those true foodies who scoff at it’s ridiculously high price (yes, it’s insanely expensive) and the fact that it takes away from the cooking experience. But I care not a jot. I am a pretty bad cook, always have been, thought not through lack of trying.  Admittedly there are a few staples I’m good at. But there have been many times I’ve followed the recipe to the letter only to produce an expensive and inedible mass of ruined food. Thank god for scrambled eggs and spaghetti in a tin.

Then along came Thermomix. A friend told me about it a long time ago and whilst I was initially very interested, she told me the price and I said “what???!!” announcing with certainty that I would never pay so much money for a kitchen appliance. Well never say never.


Since getting the Thermomix (named Theodora, it’s essential one names one’s thermy), I have made the following, all perfect:

Mushroom risotto
Bacon and Pumpkin risotto
Buttermilk bread
Fresh butter (the buttermilk extracted went into the bread)
Sorbet (raspberry and mixed berry)
Lemon butter (with the freshly made butter)
Lime butter (as above)
Hazelnut spread (nutella)
Milo (healthy version)
Butter chicken
Perfect rice
40 second biscuits (aptly named)
Pizza dough
Vegetable stock concentrate
Fresh, pulp filled orange juice


Image 1 Image 2

Admittedly I’ve gone a bit beserk with the cooking, but the freezer is full and the kids are eating healthy food  in which I know every ingredient and there are no additives. Yes there’s sugar in the recipes but it’s raw sugar and I can control what goes in there.

I did a lot of research before I bought the Thermomix and it took me 18 months to even see it in action.  It definitely isn’t an impulse buy.  I read the good and the bad and I really did  my homework.  It’s not for everyone, I get that, but it’s great for me.  I am crap cook, I’m time poor but I’m health conscious.  So it works in our house and I’ve shaved $50 a week off the grocery bill so far.  I am not going to say go out and buy one, it’s an expensive purchase and it’s a very individual decision.  But if you get the chance to go to a demonstration, you definitely should.  If nothing else, you will get to eat a range of freshly prepared, healthy foods which taste fantastic.  What could be wrong with that?


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