Day 147 – Progress


It’s been a pretty big day here today.  I managed to have a shower and put actual clothes on!  But then I had to have an extended lie down because I felt quite unwell.  After a while I perked up a bit and got my mum to drive me five minutes to the local shops where I shuffled between the newsagents and the bakery before I had to come back home and have another extended lie down.

So you see?  Progress.

In the past several months I have changed my mindset significantly and strongly adhered to a diet and exercise program (a lifestyle change if you will) which will hopefully see me blowing out the candles on my 101st birthday cake some years from now.  Just as my Aunty Pat has recently done.  I got sick of myself, sick of feeling tired and cranky all the time and sick of catching every little bug going around.  So now, to be forced into a resting, couch bound place, being unable to eat properly or exercise at all, well, it’s not fun.

I am not someone who has a problem with fully embracing several hours on the couch in front of a good box set on a weekend. I don’t see this as a waste of time, rather I see it as a time that my body can rest and rebuild itself ready for the onslaught of the next working week to come.  The difference between this and what I am doing right now is that I can still jump on the tready when I feel like it, whip up something fabulous in the Thermomix and shower without having to have a plastic chair strategically placed lest I come over all faint and do myself a harm.  Basically, I don’t like being forced onto the couch. I prefer to have a choice!

It’s times like these that I rejoice in my (relatively) good health and the fact that I have the means to maintain a good diet (even though I sometimes don’t) and access to medical attention if and when I might need it.  There are many who don’t have this.  There are many with chronic illnesses and endless pain which will not be pretty much sorted within the next couple of weeks.  So as much as I moan I am not without insight into the fact that I am luckier than quite a lot of others.

My privilege notwithstanding I will be having a tiny bit more of a whinge over the next few days until I start to feel better…thanks for understanding!


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