Day 148 – Saying Yes to Coffee

coffee smile

On Friday last week, as I headed off to the hospital, my craving for coffee was so significant that it was all I could do to stop myself from grabbing a quick cup before I went under the knife.  Of course I was in full on pre-op fast mode so not only did I want coffee but I was starving as well.

I didn’t feel like coffee for a few days but yesterday the urge came creeping back, along with a fairly unpleasant caffeine withdrawal headache, so this morning I was determined to jump head first back into my addiction.  It was not disappointing.  In fact, it tasted like nectar of the gods.  Sooooo good!

A few years ago I gave up coffee.  I can’t really remember why now. I drank dandelion tea instead.  A nutritionist friend recommended it to me as a healthy substitute.  If I closed my eyes and wished really hard, it sorta kinda smelled like coffee but it tasted like an old boot.  Honestly, no matter how long I kept telling myself I was doing my body a favour, I really wasn’t.  Because the craving never left me.

When I was having each of my children I gave up coffee.  I craved it every day for 9 months.  Every day.  The minute I had my first cup that fantastic, caffeine filled, head rush of fabulousness coursed through my veins and I was right back where I started from.

I consider myself unable to go without coffee but obviously I can.  I just really really REALLY don’t want to go without.  But I am not as bad as some. I once read an article about a man so addicted that he ended up damaging his throat from drinking so much of it.  He had to have surgery and really was in a bad place from it.  I think if there was a serious health issue I would instantly give it up.  It would not be easy but good health comes first.

Since I have no reason to give it up I am going to keep drinking that dark, seductive brew every day and savouring every cup.  I do have some limits of course and the most I ever allow myself is three cups a day, and usually I stick with two.

Easing back into things this morning I had just one.  Tomorrow I am going to go back to my usual two.  I’m already planning it, in fact, I do believe I can already smell it…


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