Day 149 – Theming and Other Important Things


Being at home this week means that I have more time on my hands than I would normally have.  This inevitably leads to way too much time on social media, blogs, news sites and trawling through WordPress themes.  Unexpected time is a gift and since I can’t move around as much as I would like, I’m catching up on sitting down stuff instead.

Like writing.  But also changing the photos on my social media pages.  And taking more Instagram pictures.  And changing the theme on my blog.  Because in the grand scheme of things, that seems like a very important task to complete today.  So what do you think dear reader?  Yes or no?  I really loved the balloons going up and down but I feel like I needed more colour in my life… and on my blog.  The theme I have chosen is one which is apparently just the ticket for talented photographers and designers (of which I am neither) but I just like how all the pictures show up on the page.  Of course this now means that I will have to put pictures up with every post.  Oh well.

I was actually looking through other people’s blogs today and thought how lovely some of them look.  So over to you, what do you think?  Does it suit the tone of this blog?  Should I change it back?  Do I really need to get out more?

Do tell, because I really need to know.


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