Day 181 – Saying Yes to a Brisk Start

winter hat


Since my surgery about a month ago, I haven’t been exercising regularly.  At first it hurt too much and then I just sort of lost momentum.  Such a loss doesn’t bode well with me because when I exercise I feel good. When I don’t, I don’t.

So this morning, I decided to hop back to it.  Usually, on these cold and dark winter’s mornings I would use the treadmill but my children are away for the holidays and the dog still needs walking so there was nothing else for it but to get out and get walking.  And boy was it cold!  I rugged up wearing a woollen hat not quite as cute as the one above as well as many, many layers.

Other mountains folk are of hardier stock than I.  I see them out and about jogging in the bitter cold, well geared for the pitch dark with reflector shoes and jackets and a companion.  My companion this morning was the dog.  I have not one iota of reflector clothing in my house so instead I put the torch thingy on my iphone and wore it strapped to my arm as I trudged up the street, marvelling at my vigour at such an ungodly hour.

I met a couple of walkers on the way but we all kept our heads down and powered on.  As my breath puffed visibly in front of me, I sniffed incessantly and briskly walked along.

I didn’t go a terribly long way.  The cold was okay but the dark freaked me out, despite the fact that there were cars a plenty around and a surprising number of houses I passed already had their lights blazing.  Still.  I kept thinking if some opportunist decided to pull me into their car, no one would be any the wiser as to my whereabouts.  Actually I can’t ponder that thought too much otherwise I won’t get up and out again tomorrow.

As I got back home about half an hour later, the night was beginning to bleed out of the sky and although the sun wasn’t quite ready to rise, it was no longer as dark and night like as it had been when I started out.

It would have been super easy to excuse myself out of my walk this morning but I am so glad I went.  I felt better for it all day today, although I will admit to being ridiculously tired this evening.  Still, it’s chilly here in the mountains and my electric blanket is blazing so there really isn’t anything keeping me from an early night.

I’m planning to get out there again nice and early tomorrow morning.. I just wish I could take my electric blanket with me!


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