Day 237 – Saying Yes to Perspective

new perspective

Well, yesterday I was feeling pretty despondent after yet another date that didn’t go anywhere. But a poor night’s sleep and a busy day at work brought fresh perspective. As did my hot water tank dying at 5pm this afternoon. You may think that the unpleasantness attached to a completely dead water tank just as the evening’s activities were about to begin (and I was finally getting around to doing the dishes) would be just the very last straw. But in fact, it’s made me feel incredibly grateful this evening and it has made me realise what a very fortunate position I am in.

Do I wish the hot water tank had lived another day? Yes I do. But it broke and I was still able to get a plumber here by 5.20pm. He said it was finished and I would need a new one. $1500 please. This is a huge amount of money for me but I can pull it together with a bit of creativity with credit cards, a little bit of savings and my pay which is thankfully due on Thursday. Better still, my brand new hot water tank will be installed by the time I get home tomorrow. In the meantime I boiled the kettle 1 million times this evening so as to wash dishes and bodies (not in the same tub of course) and accepted offers from friends to shower at their houses (new tank heats over night so no hot water until Wednesday morning).

A few years ago this would have brought me to my knees and I know only too well that there are many, many people out there who would simply have to go without hot water. I didn’t even curse the universe when this happened, even when I slipped in the mud created by the water pouring from the tank and my ugg boots ($6 Big W fakes) got covered in mud which in my urgency to get to the phone to call a plumber, I trekked right through the house (so clever). Mainly I was just really grateful that I have the tools, the money (almost) and the support to make this right again.

Lucky me. I really mean that.

And so I got thinking about the how’s and whys of things and I think sometimes we get sent a message to give us the opportunity to look at things just a little bit differently. I started thinking about my date yesterday and how I completely misunderstood the signals. I thought about all the times I’ve been out with someone I thought i sparked with only to find they didn’t feel the same way and I thought about all the times I’ve come home from these encounters, fallen to the floor and wailed “why, unknowable universe, why? Can’t you at least give me a break?”

And then finally I realised, maybe all along this has been the universe giving me a break. What if all along, it wasn’t that the universe had forgotten me, passed me over for some other gal, but instead, has been looking out for me all this time?

So it is with fresh perspective today I give thanks and practice gratitude for being spared those frogs who were never going to be princes, and for less than 2 days without hot water.


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