Day 458 – A Very Good Friday


When I was a kid, we ate fish on Good Friday. I had no idea why. We weren’t religious and I didn’t understand the connection. For years Good Friday morning commenced with butter laden hot cross buns, followed shortly after by the smell of smoked cod permeating the entire house. I still to this day cannot bear that smell.

Whilst I still have the traditional breakfast with my own kids there is no cod in the house and we don’t usually eat fish. Also, they are only at home with me alternate Easters. Thanks divorce.

So this year I am on my own for Easter. I had been worried that I would be feeling a bit down. I just ended my short relationship and I thought I might have the single girl blues. But I most certainly do not.

The fantastic fabulousness of time to oneself absolutely cannot be overstated. I love my children more than anything but I’m doing this parenting gig on my own and sometimes it’s just exhausting. So it was with sadness and a tiny bit of anticipation of a long weekend, that I sent them off with their father last night, thinking about the sleep in I would have in the morning.

As is almost always the way when a guilt free sleep in is available, this morning, I woke at 6.30am. But no matter, because the day to myself means that I could (and did) go back to bed whenever I felt like it.

So I got up, made a healthy breakfast, grabbed a coffee and settled in for a morning filled with Parks and Recreation and not much else. It’s raining outside, most retail outlets are (quite rightly) closed and there is simply no need at all for me to leave the house.

I’ve been back to bed for a short snooze with the electric blanket on 3 (oh yes I have, please withhold all judgment) and since there are no hot cross buns in the house (a ridiculous oversight on my part) I indulged in pancakes with freshly squeezed lemon and a sprinkling of sugar instead.

I’ve got the rest of the day to indulge my Amy Poehler crush, keep making my granny squares and do whatever else I feel like doing, probably without getting out of my PJ’s.

Tomorrow I have a date (I’m really not one to let the grass grow), Sunday I’m catching up with various friends and Monday well, who knows? I am free as a bird and open to suggestions.

By Tuesday I will be missing my children very much and longing for next weekend when they come home. But in the meantime I am relishing my singleness and my freedom to do whatever I please, be it lie on the couch or plant some vegetables or go for a run or read a book.

I’m a social person and I enjoy company. However, I feel lucky that I enjoy my own company as well and I can take time to myself, to refresh and replenish.

Whatever you are doing for Easter, whomever you spend it with, I hope that you have a safe and happy long weekend. What an absolute gift it is to have four days off in a row where excessive chocolate consumption is mandatory. Enjoy!


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