Day 634 – A List

not to do

Here is a helpful list of things which are not acceptable after a single coffee date:

  1. Excessively texting. Rule of thumb? If you have sent two texts without getting a reply, do not send another one.
  2. Commenting on the shape and attractiveness (or not) of my body.
  3. Saying “I’m not being creepy when I say this, but..” and then saying something creepy.
  4. Sending unsolicited pictures of yourself shirtless.
  5. Asking me to send you a picture of myself. When I say no, asking me again.
  6. Sending dick pics (goes without saying you might think. If only this were true).
  7. Saying “I think I love you”.
  8. Suggesting I might like to try out your bathtub/spa/steam shower etc.
  9. Offering to give me a massage.
  10. Calling me sweetheart/darling/honey or any other term of endearment.
  11. Calling me your girlfriend.

This is a short and certainly not exhaustive list of things which guarantee there won’t be a second date.

Feel free to add your own.

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